Cultivate Connection

with Deborah Kremins

Available Now as an Evergreen Course

Self paced with thorough, in-depth instruction


Now more than ever we are being asked to define for ourselves what is important.  How we live, what we value and how we contribute and connect.  

Cultivate Connection is a New Course Offering filled with embodied practices designed to ignite reciprocity and connection.

  • Three Sessions Over Six Weeks with ample time to practice
  • Curated Practices for Deep Connection
  • Optional Zoom Mentoring Sessions 

After decades of dissociative beliefs and behaviors driving species, systems and ourselves to extinction we are being called to act on behalf of the world and the ones we love—whether two-legged, four-legged, webbed, rooted, finned or flying.

The work that we do now is the embodied work of reciprocity and connection. Cultivating connection with Earth, with spirit, with place.  And cultivating a connection with yourself. 

The time is right.  The soil is rich with the decay and dissolution of the old structures.  Not just the physical structures but also our mental, psychological and social structures.  It’s all dissolving and decaying to create the rich soil we are in right now.  As Gardeners of the Soul we learn again how to cultivate.  This first step is Cultivate Connection.   

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"Deborah is like a gardener for the soul. The seeds she helped plant are still taking fruit years later. "

Mark C

"Deborah's Intuitive Healing courses have been utterly transformative. As a teacher, Deborah is always prepared. She is highly articulate and incredibly wise. Most importantly, she recognizes that we all need to come to our truths our own way, so she guides us toward answers while giving us the space to source our own information. As a result of all I've learned from Deborah, I have exponentially more confidence, grace, and discernment in my life. "


"I highly recommend Deborah’s classes! This work has helped me to access greater peace, patience, and understanding in myself and others. This work has truly been invaluable, giving me the confidence to listen to my inner wisdom, and most importantly, to trust it. "


"I am continually impressed with Deborah's ability to teach me new things. She makes this simple and yet infinitely complex subject make sense and become accessible. I never hesitate to recommend Deborah and I am eternally grateful for her support and guidance in my life. "


"As a student of Deborah' s classes, I was given techniques for tapping into myself that I will use forever. Deborah is like a gardener for the soul. The seeds she helped plant are still taking fruit years later.” "

Mark C.

"Deborah is a beacon of healing and awakening in my life. She has taught me to better understand myself and taught me to heal using a box of many tools. Deborah has shown me how compassion, forgiveness, and self-discipline can heal in a gentle, straight-forward way using her great sense of humor to embolden me. She has solid, crystal clear boundaries, a great mind, and the courage to see and to know how to best approach each of us on our various journeys. Deborah is a great healer and a true gift in my life. "


"Deborah is a consistent, patient, well-prepared, honest and sensitive teacher. The presentation of layered weekly material: meditation, discussions, reading and homework is all extremely well presented. I had a blast and look forward to more! "


"This class has become one of the most important things in my life. Like a compass point, true north, it reminds me of the deepest part of myself, the highest good, that I am reclaiming. My awareness of my own energy, thoughts, patterns, tapes and the idea that I am accountable for and can have ownership over my own energy is like stepping into the grand ballroom of possibility."


"This class has meant more to me than I ever imagined! It has brought truth and immense clarity to many areas in my life. I have learned how to lead a more conscious, graceful, and loving life. Deborah’s work is nothing short of deliciously life-changing. It's a springboard to a new chapter in my life's journey!"


Course Outline


Through a series of hands-on practices and guided meditations, students develop innate abilities for heightened insight and deeper connection for practical application in daily life.


Course Design

Cultivate Connection is a 3 part series (three ‘Pods’) intended to be practiced over 6 weeks.  Each Pod holds 3 ‘Seeds’, or opportunities.  The Three Seeds are Land Listening, Movement Medicine and Deep Spirit Connection.  ‘Pods’ become available as each new section is completed.  The practices are yours for a lifetime. A private Facebook page and comments sections within the course are opportunities to unite with the Connection community; to receive guidance and support; and for the inherent creativity of group mind to emerge.



This course is designed with multiple levels in mind.  That means that wherever you are in your life, your practices, in your ability to create free time – you will be able to drop in and benefit. Whether you practice daily for an hour or weekly for just a few minutes you will feel the benefits immediately.


Level One:  Cultivate Connection 
Pod 1
Land Listening:
  1. Earth Walk
  2. Sense of Place
Movement Medicine:
  1. Standing Mountain
  2. Rise Up Grounded
Deep Spirit Connection: 
  1. Deep Spirit Connection
  2. Earth and Life force Energy Circuits
Pod 2
Land Listening:
Elemental Alliance
Movement Medicine: 
  1. Transfiguration
  2. Intimate Energy Exchange
Deep Spirit Connection: 
Center of Insight
Pod 3
Land Listening: 
  1. De-labeling
  2. Spirit Ally
Movement Medicine: 
Spirit Dance
Deep Spirit Connection: 
  1. Temenos
  2. Sacred Shield

About the Instructor

Deborah has been teaching Deep Spirit Medicine for nearly three decades.  Combining her passion for radical self-realization with her boundless love and curiosity for our brilliant blue planet, she founded New Earth Insights and Tools for the New Earth, offering essential tools for living a deeper, more connected, purpose filled and joyful life.  She has worked with clients and students throughout the world and is recognized internationally for her intuitive abilities and her practical approach to teaching the energy arts. Deborah is available for individual and couples consultations, classes, workshops, retreats and for public speaking engagements. You can learn more about her in-person and online courses including the upcoming, Earth Warrior Wisdom by visiting



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